[Matroska-devel] seeking is borked in 2nd segment of two segment mkv file + a prob with chapters

Vincent nise at newmail.ru
Sun Jan 23 22:13:15 CET 2005

im using latest haali splitter and have the above problem with the second 
segment - i can only seek thru it using chapters, not the seek bar in the 
player. with segment #1 everything is fine. i created the .mkv by: copy 
1.mkv /b + 2.mkv /b 3.mkv /b.

another question (i also asked it in corecocodec matroska forum but because 
that place looked kinda desolate i will repeat it here): i cant find a way to 
use "&" symbol in a matroska chapter name. i've tried several encoding types 
for ogm chapter file, tried to manually indicate encoding in mkvmerge, tried 
using matroska xml chapter file, tried using vdub as muxer - all of no 
avail. "&" symbol in a chapter name is always missing in output file (Band & 
Dancers -> Band  Dancers). what am i doing wrong?

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