[Matroska-devel] Re: Haali's parser: feature request

filewalker playful at gmx.at
Tue Jan 18 15:55:07 CET 2005

Mike Matsnev <mike <at> po.cs.msu.su> writes:

> filewalker wrote:
> >>This is planned in the future and shouldnt be hard to do.
> > 
> > 
> > Thanks, Good to know.
> > (The question for me is if Blight should adapt ZP now to your todays build 
> > should he wait till it works as a file source async filter...). I don't 
> > that he will adapt ZP again & again...(but I hope so)
> After thinking this over I decided no to implement this. Unfortunately
> my filter already can read from multiple files, and this functionality
> is important to the project. I think it will be too much effort to
> read many files via File Source.
> /Mike
H Mike,

Now I just did copy/paste from ZP forum what Blight means:

"Well, when he implements the proper file source, I'll be able to create custom 
media profiles for it in a way that won't conflict with the previous matroska 
filters. Then, I'll add the stream switching support. BUT! he probably does it 
already, but ask him if he sets the group-id code for each stream category 
(audio/video/sub) AND! ask him if he sets LCID values for each stream (so that 
ZP can auto-switch on Language Code Identification)"

if you don't know Zoomplayer very well and don't know  "Customized Media Mode", 
her you can read a littel about it:
http://www.inmatrix.com/articles/custommediaconfig.shtml  )

Cu filewalker

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