[Matroska-devel] dmx and mkvmerge, 2tests with logs showing bugs

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Jan 13 16:06:49 CET 2005

E-Male Soundrevolution a écrit :
> on request of robux4 i did some tests with dmx and mkvmerge and attached the results
>  DvdMenuXtractor.zip     09-Jan-2005 19:01  346K 
> [file]  mkvtoolnix-head-20050110-3.rar   1.1MB   10-Jan-2005  22:35  
> using Wayne's World and Der Schuh Des Manitu (both german rc2 retail)
> the files will show some bugs, hope they'll help fix them
> i'll redo the tests with future versions (or do other tests, just tell me what)
> i do not use the ML, so if you wanan contact me for any reason, i'm in #matroska
> E-Male
> attached 16 files, all plain text but 1 which i rared for space reasons

Can you send me :

* U:\dmx\WW\VMG_m2v.tmc
* U:\dmx\WW\VTSM01.m2v (if not too big)

Also there is something weird: the DSDM batch files refer to files in 

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