[Matroska-devel] problems with AVC in Matroska

John Cannon spyder at matroska.org
Wed Jan 12 21:10:00 CET 2005

I think the references add a great deal of complexity outside of simple 
mpeg frame ordering.  IMO it shouldn't be _necessary_ to have all of 
this information.  I think it should still be possible to store a full 
reference list though for special uses.  Outside of the whole 
"idealistic editing" application I see little use for references on any 
MPEG based codec.  All of these formats are designed to be container 
independent and usually the decoder chips take care of buffering etc as 
needed for decoding without any outside help.  I don't really know 
enough about MP4 to comment on whether the CTTS thingy is enough but if 
it can allow VFR etc. I think it's fine.  So, to sum up... I don't think 
we should force the reference system to be fully used for such complex 


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