[Matroska-devel] Re: Haali's parser 10.01.2005 build: bugs

Keeper of Demons anime at idilis.ro
Tue Jan 11 20:41:08 CET 2005

>  <at> Keeper of Demons
> It has nothing to do with Standard/Custimized Playback in ZP. The behaviour 
> concerning VSFilter is the same in both modes.
> You don't need (and shouldn't) add VSFilter anywhere in Customized Media 
> Playback.
> Gabest splitter is autoloading VSFilter.
> ... and now Mike's latest parser also supports vsfilter versions that don't 
> support autoloading themselves.

Yes, you are right. Me bad. :)
That's why the patched VSfilter is no longer available for download on Mike's
page anymore, I guess. :) There's no need for it anymore.

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