[Matroska-devel] improvement suggsestions

Jonathan Mews jonipublic at wtnet.de
Tue Jan 11 15:50:17 CET 2005


i thought about two things:
1.) there should be a key you can store in the matroska file, to indicate
that, e.g., three movie parts belong together. so it's effectively
possible for a movie player to get automatically the information whether
to play the next file with the same audio stream (and so, e.g., the same
language). for it md5 could be used.
2.) groups should be able to made. so you can combine an audio and
subtitle stream and chapter names ... all of one language, e.g., and then
give the groups the name "english" and "german". but it mustn't be only a
language setting only to combine some streams. it has to be a general
grouping system. (it would be great if there could be a system that lets
you store the chapter time ranges only one time, but lets you set more
than one name, e.g. like in some string resources, to have the chapter
names of e.g. two languages.)

what do you think about it? and are you able to carry out this?

thanx, jonathan

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