[Matroska-devel] Not a bug but a missing feature

Keeper of Demons anime at idilis.ro
Tue Jan 11 12:06:43 CET 2005

Hi, I haven't exeperienced any bugs with the latest build (at least, not yet :)
), chapters are working, VSfilter is loading (the patched version of VSfilter).

But, I still find there's one missing feature: some videos have info on resizing
image to a new aspect ratio. For instance, the video stream inside the mkv
container might have an aspect ratio of 1.467 but asks to be played at an aspect
ratio of 1.333.  This info, however, doesn't seem to be passed on by the Haali
Splitter. If you could add this feature, please... :)  (I tested this on
Zoomplyer 4.3b2 with and without VSfilter autoloading ~thought maybe VSfilter
was the problem, but it wasn't~).

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