[Matroska-devel] Re: [mosu] r2701 - trunk/prog/video/mkvtoolnix/src/merge

Mike Matsnev mike at po.cs.msu.su
Mon Jan 10 16:10:06 CET 2005

Moritz Bunkus wrote:
>>>The duration for each file should be reset even when linking files.
>>Mosu, I think we need to discuss that one. I think there are cases where 
>>it's needed and some case where the time should "continue".
> I've done it on Haali's request, and I think it's way more logical this
> way. So far, every part in a set of linked files had a duration of
> "start until the end of this file", and that's very confusing and pretty
> much unusable IMHO. Either every file contains only its duration, or
> every file contains the duration of all parts together.
My idea was to allow recovering individual duration of each part to
allow separate playback. "start until the end of this file" is ok
in that respect and I don't mind if it's reverted, I can still
recalculate duration by subtracting first timecode.


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