[Matroska-devel] Haali's parser: feature request

Mike Matsnev mike at po.cs.msu.su
Sat Jan 8 22:58:59 CET 2005

filewalker wrote:
> I have one "streamswitching"-problem if I'm using Haali's parser in
> combination with Zoomplayer.
> Zoomplayer (and some other DS players, too) has an internal streamswitcher.
> Now it happens that Haali's parser only outputs 1 audio-, 1 video- and 1
> subtitle-stream to Zoomplayer. But in this case I can't use the benefit of
> Zoomplayer's internal streamswitcher, particularly I use Girder for my
> remote control and now I can't switch to the other audio/subtitle streams
> via RC.
> Blight wrote me this:
> "Can you ask the author of the filter ot make an option to "output all
> streams" as in, create an output pin for each stream? This way ZP should be
> able to work."
I don't think I can implement this anytime soon, due to my internal 
design. However I export IAMStreamSelect from the splitter, so any 
software can use it to switch streams, maybe Blight can use that.

> IIRC, wasn't it possible in the first versions of Haali's parser to
> enable/disable it's streamswitcher from the options? 
New code is rewritten from scratch with new design.


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