[Matroska-devel] Haali's parser: feature request

filewalker playful at gmx.at
Sat Jan 8 22:45:05 CET 2005

Dear Matroska-developers,

I have one "streamswitching"-problem if I'm using Haali's parser in
combination with Zoomplayer.

Zoomplayer (and some other DS players, too) has an internal streamswitcher.
Now it happens that Haali's parser only outputs 1 audio-, 1 video- and 1
subtitle-stream to Zoomplayer. But in this case I can't use the benefit of
Zoomplayer's internal streamswitcher, particularly I use Girder for my
remote control and now I can't switch to the other audio/subtitle streams
via RC.

Blight wrote me this:
"Can you ask the author of the filter ot make an option to "output all
streams" as in, create an output pin for each stream? This way ZP should be
able to work."

IIRC, wasn't it possible in the first versions of Haali's parser to
enable/disable it's streamswitcher from the options? 

Cu filewalker

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