[Matroska-devel] new codec for video

Ausitn Coté Williams sporks5000 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 18:53:27 CET 2005

Dear MateJ,

Glad to hear that you've taken the time to download the software
necessary to play Matroska files!  I hope that you're able to warm up
to them more in the future.

Judging by your post here, though, I'm under the impression that
you're having a bit of confusion as to exactly what Matroska is. You
see, rather than a codec, Matroska is a container file, much like
Audio Video Interleave (AVI) or MPG. It's a file format designed to
take other data - be it audio, video, subtitles, etc. - and bundle it
together so that your computer is better able to process it.

More off, Matroska isn't just any container format, Matroska is the
*best* container format! Matroska is designed so that it can handle
any audio or video format without trouble. Unlike MPG or AVI files,
it's streamable – you don't have to have the whole file downloaded
before you can begin playing it - and unlike WMV files, it can contain
audio and video formats other than just the ones that Microsoft wants
to push, some of which can achieve far better compression ratios!

Matroska is also typically smaller. When compared to AVI files
containing the same video and audio data, MKV files are typically 0.5%
to 1% smaller! I've had enough downloads peter out at the last minute
to know that that can make a world of difference!

A more comprehensive comparison of Matroska to various other container
formats is available at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_container_formats .

You took the time to find this list and mail us your complaint, now
take the time to do the research and discover why Matroska is the best
container format for your audio and video needs!

> I've get film, and I saw that it could not play in my BSplayer, so I looked
> at file extension and I saw .mkv, so I went to www.filext.com, and there I
> figured out it is new kind of format… Why the fuck do you have to
> contaminate net, why the fuck do I have to download fucking codec for films,
> could me mpg, avi, wmv no it must be new, huh. Then maybe more crazy morons
> try to convert films into your format, why, why?. Stop contaminating; there
> was no need for you format, just waste of time, besides who would use codec
> with such ugly name like 'Matroska' damn it west don't like fuckin'
> communist names (even if it is now 'Russia'), youp the name Hollywood would
> love to use. I can think of better name, say .mmf (markup language media
> format – that should be tha name for everything).
> Thank, you… I couldn enjoy more than downloading your codec. Die bitches.

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