[Matroska-devel] WhenU Inquiry

Adrienne Stafford astafford at whenu.com
Tue Dec 6 21:40:11 CET 2005

Dear Christian Wiesner, 

I represent WhenU. I am trying to reach you or the appropriate person to
present our revenue proposal. Has Matroska considered drawing revenue to
your codec product by monetizing downloads? 


WhenU is the leader in permission-based, client-side desktop advertising. We
help software developers monetize (make money on) download volume through
behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant ads and coupons. 


We think we can serve you as well. We have helped several prominent
developers in the audio/video space to increase their revenue. Some current
audio/video partners include but are not limited to Cliprex, One Stop Soft,
Rad Light, M3 Development's Mp3 to WAV Decoder and NPS Software's 2 Find


We are interested in partnering Matroska Pack Full with WhenU desktop
software. I would like to have the opportunity to present our proposal in
more detail. 


Could the appropriate person for this matter please contact me?  



Adrienne Stafford  


Adrienne Stafford

Business Development


1 Penn Plaza

Suite 4532
Tel: 212.631.2104
Fax: 212.268.7489

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