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Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Sep 23 11:42:04 CEST 2004

Vegard Pettersen a écrit :

> Hi,


> I messed up the .doc-file, so here's the plain text:

Good, that's much easier to reply with an email :)

> ---
> Implementation of “CD-in-Matroska”
> 1. The Lead-In may contain metadata
> 1.1. CD-TEXT
> -fLAC reportedly ditched implementing this for some reason.

We think we do support CD-TEXT import and put these information in the 
tags. Even though due to the CD-TEXT limitations (all capital letters ? 
limited number of letters ?) it's usually better to use the tags found 
in a database. But for home-made CDs with CD-TEXT info, that can be 
useful (I have some).

> 1.2. ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)
> -The ISRC Code (International Standard Recording Code) is a unique 
> international identifier for tracks on sound and music-video recordings. The 
> ISRC is 12 character alpha-numeric code, which functions as a digital 
> "fingerprint" for each track, unlike a Universal Product Code which is tied 
> to the entire disc. In addition, the ISRC remains allocated to a track 
> regardless of changes in ownership. It is an extremely powerful tool for 
> royalty collection, administration, and anti-piracy safeguards in the digital 
> arena.
> In other words, it may be useless.

Nop. If you want a unique way to identify a track/mix that's with the 
ISRC. And that's supported in the tags. I *highly* suggest that this 
information be kept from the CD.

> 2. Pregaps
> 2.1. Pregap1 of track 01 may contain a truly hidden2 track
> 2.2. Pregap of tracks 02-99 may contain false hidden3 tracks

Supported with chapters. The index is a sub-chapter of the main chapter. 
So we get the hidden track, which is not hidden anymore... (unless the 
player is configured to start at the sub-chapter with INDEX01 name/ID.

> 3. Number of entries in TOC
> 3.1. The number of tracks for  a CD is in the inclusive range of TRACK [01-99]
> 3.2. The number of indices for  a TRACK is in the inclusive range of INDEX 
> [00-99]
> -Incomplete implementation, only INDEX [00 – 01] currently

Yes, we should support everything.

> 4. A track may contain other datatypes than AUDIO
> -Uncertain, the degree to which ripping-tools implement ripping data-tracks is 
> unknown, and the usefullness of ripping such tracks is also uncertain.

It could be included as attachements. It could be optional and off by 
default. It's nice when the content is a video, although a proper 
Matroska file with the video would be nicer...

> 5. Other CD-Audio formats than CDDA, such as SACD, DVD-AUDIO, Dolby Surround 
> 5.1 etc.
> ---

Computers don't support these formats very well yet. But there shouldn't 
be any problem supporting the audio and meta-information inside.

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