[Matroska-devel] Regarding "CD-in-Matroska" and Matroska's compliance with the Red Book standard (IEC 908)

Vegard Pettersen vegard_p at broadpark.no
Tue Sep 21 23:38:55 CEST 2004

Attaching a simplistic table. Some feedback on this would be interesting, so 
that I can get a feel of which direction you want this to take - a complete 
1:1 mapping of the Red Book cd-image, a subset of the metadata based on the 
Red Book, or just the bare essentials necessary for playing the audio-file.

Also, I have tried to get in touch with goldenear at matroska.org regarding his 
mkaencoder aiming at being a frontend between EAC and mkvmerge, for the 
purpose of creating an .mka-file directly from EAC, but I haven't gotten a 
response in over a week. 
Goldenear, please respond so that we can work together on this part.


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