[Matroska-devel] Request: Roadmaps

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Wed Sep 15 21:14:52 CEST 2004


sorry for the delay. I'm more busy and lazy than usual, so I forgot
about the reply I promised. But here it goes.

> What I would like to see, is a roadmap for each part of the project:
> * who is working on what

Well basically:

- mkvtoolnix ( https://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/ )is my
  baby, and I'm actively working on it. A bit about my plans can be
  found in my mail about the '1.0 release plan' at

- When I'm bored with mkvtoolnix or when I just need a change of scenery
  I work on RbMatroska, a EBML/Matroska implementation in Ruby. Yes,
  it's slow, yes, it's probably complicated, but it's fun, and sometimes
  I need that :) I don't have any specific goal for it, but what I
  definitely like about it is that development in Ruby is WAY faster
  than development in C++. As the Ruby implementation is based on on
  libebml/libmatroska I can prototype in Ruby and convert that to C++
  later. Well, that's really not top priority ;)

- I'm writing a couple of scripts in Ruby that take input from
  well-known web pages and convert those to XML tags that can be used
  with mkvmerge:

I don't really need help in these three projects. I could use some help
with my top priority feature request, support for appending Matroska /
any input files with mkvmerge. But as mkvtoolnix contains very, very
involved code I don't think it'd be fair to ask you to look into that
because it would require way too much time on your part. That time could
be spent better.

All this stuff is available for both Linux and Windows.

- Haali is working on a new Matroska splitter for DirectShow. He's also
  trying to write a new subtitle filter on top of that. Very impressive
  work, but I think you said you're on Linux, so no use in helping here

- John 'spyder442' is working on a tool that can read MPEG2 elementary
  streams and put them into a Matroska file. mkvmerge cannot read
  MPEG1/2 streams at the moment, so this is definitely one cool
  tool. mkvmerge can read the resulting files, though, so it is possible
  to have MPEG2 and e.g. Vorbis in a Matroska file ;) Again a Windows

- Steve 'robux4' Lhomme is working on menu support for Matroska at the
  moment. He's heavily looking into the DVD specs at the moment and is
  writing a Windows application that can convert the DVD menu structure
  into the corresponding Matroska XML code which in turn can be read by
  "experimental" mkvmerge versions. I guess that the DVD specs could
  definitely use some more people thinking about them.

- Steve is also working on the tag specs with Prodoc and
  Goldenear. Prodoc is basically comparing various tag specs (ID3, Ape
  etc.) and discussing with Steve how best to adjust the Matroska tag
  specs. The goal is to have a set of official specs soon. Goldenear is
  the guy pushing us to get "one audio CD in one Matroska file"
  working. It is already working, but as we're still changing the tag
  specs it's not finalized yet. You can read more about this at
  http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=23022 and in
  other posts in the Hydrogenaudio forum.
  As you've said that this is of interest to you, too, you should
  probably read up about this, play around with mkvmerge's current "use
  a CUE sheet for chapters" function and tell us what you think could be

- Toff is working on several filters/plugins for Windows from time to
  time. I'm not really up to date with those :/

- Same goes for jcsston...

- Alexander 'alexnoe' Noe is working on his Windows application "AVIMux
  GUI" which can write Matroska files.


> * which features are they prioritising

Well... Dunno about the others. Most work goes into finishing the tag
specs and the menu/chapter specs (menus heavily depend on chapters, so
those are affected as well). I work on fixing bugs in mkvtoolnix at the
moment. My next feature will be a generic XML based input module that
Haali requested.

> * which features are they postphoning (where can I contribute)

Menu specs, tag specs, chapter specs, "one CD in one Matroska file"
and "multiple CDs in one Matroska file" (involving specs and chapters
mostly). Probably others.

> * what are some of the plans for future development (openings for new 
> developers, in which they can have a crack at more or less
> independent work)

Our biggest aim is to write a VirtualDub like application (or
avidemux2 like application if you want a Linux pendant ;)) that
handles Matroska files and most of Matroska's features based on
gstreamer. For that Steve Lhomme has ported gstreamer to
Windows. That's the only code that has been written for this so far,
so there's LOTS to be done. The only other thing we've agreed upon so
far is using wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) as the GUI toolkit because
it's the only powerful free/OSS cross-platform GUI toolkit available
(Qt rocks more but is not free for Windows).

> I would also like to know what channels of communication are used
> the most - some people post more or less development news at
> hydrogenaudio, some post at corecodecs.com, there is talk of a
> more-or-less stable IRC-channel (I loathe IRC as a medium for
> reliable, archivable information, myself), and then there is this
> mailinglist, which seems more or less formal.

Yes, you've mentioned them all. Our primary forums are forum.doom9.org
(although we're clashing with some of the moderators there regularly),
hydrogenaudio.org and corecodec.org. Those are mostly places for
communicating with other users and for handling bug reports.

Communication between developpers is taking place on IRC mostly. I am
logging everything, and I'm online 24/7 unless my connection's broken,
so I usually have everything if someone wants to look up
something. Users do, too. We have users from all kinds of time
zones. Most of our developpers are from France (robux4, toff), Germany
(alexnoe, myself), the USA (spyder482, jcsston) and Russia
(Haali). It's similar for the 'permant non-developpers' (Atamido,
Prodoc, Goldenear, ChrisHJW) etc.pp.

The more formal place for communication, especially when they involve
more lengthy things (like this email), is this mailing list. The
second important list is matroska-cvs which receives a notification
about each commit to our Subversion repositories. As our web page is
kept in those repos as well we'll receive commit messages about spec
changes, too. That's the best way of keeping track of such changes
when you're not following the discussion on IRC (like myself. I'm on
24/7, but I don't really read everything, especially lengthy
discussions about the tags ;)).

Well, this email is too long already, so I better stop now. Time to
get a nice cup of tea.


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