[Matroska-devel] Request: Roadmaps

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Sep 12 16:45:32 CEST 2004

Vegard Pettersen wrote:

> From the point of view of attempting to find out where I can contribute, I 
> find it hard to orient myself as to what is going on in the project.

We have a TODO page :

> What I would like to see, is a roadmap for each part of the project:
> * who is working on what

As Mosu said, most programs are one-man projects. But as we only deal 
with open source softwares, anyone is free to contribute.

> * which features are they prioritising

We don't really have priorities. It's only what developers would like to 
work on, or what the users ask. For example I started working on the 
menu system a few weeks ago because Haali wanted to work on it.

> * which features are they postphoning (where can I contribute)

All that is on the TODO page. We'd like to support all that is there. 
And if it's there, it's not done yet :)

> * for what reason are they postphoning the features (are they waiting on other 
> parts of the project)

Time, need, lack of documentation.

> * what are some of the plans for future development (openings for new 
> developers, in which they can have a crack at more or less independent work)

We are currently working on the menu and tags that are almost not 
supported anywhere. There is a lot of work to do there. What I'd like is 
also Wavpack support before we have all Matroska features done. Because 
it will probably use a feature that is currently not used by other codec.

> I would also like to know what channels of communication are used the most - 
> some people post more or less development news at hydrogenaudio, some post at 
> corecodecs.com, there is talk of a more-or-less stable IRC-channel (I loathe 
> IRC as a medium for reliable, archivable information, myself), and then there 
> is this mailinglist, which seems more or less formal. 

IRC is by far where most informations are exchanged between developpers. 
And we spend a lot of time there. Otherwise the mailing lists and the 
website (not for discussing but as a reference for the format). We also 
keep logs of all IRC discussions :)

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