[Matroska-devel] [vegard_p at broadpark.no: I'd like to help work on a matroska API]

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Fri Sep 10 09:52:03 CEST 2004

Ups... Thanks for reminding me :) This was the mail I was replying to.


If Darl McBride was in charge, he'd probably make marriage
unconstitutional too, since clearly it de-emphasizes the commercial
nature of normal human interaction, and probably is a major impediment
to the commercial growth of prostitution. - Linus Torvalds
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From: Vegard Pettersen <vegard_p at broadpark.no>
Subject: I'd like to help work on a matroska API
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 23:35:02 +0200
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