[Matroska-devel] AVI convertion please

Alexander Noe' alexander.noe at s2001.tu-chemnitz.de
Mon Oct 25 11:45:53 CEST 2004

tnr at ntlworld.com wrote:

> Would you be kind enought to have a .mkv to .avi format convertor 
> please??? IM not intrested in .mkv at all, I have no use for YET 
> ANOTHER container tyope when we already have one, its called AVI and 
> is accepted BY ALL PLAYERS unlike your veryown homebrew.

It's not. I don't know any player with proper AVI support. You can easily
make valid AVI files with valid xvid/divx content that won't work with M$
shitware nor with any hardware mpeg4 player.

> What IM annoyed about is I spent nearly a month downloading a large 
> file which was labled up as an avi file which turned out to be your 
> .mkv format type

Slap the idiot who renamed that file then.

> and looking at your site you do not offer anything to help me decode 
> the file into a file type thats compatible with my editors, IM not 
> intrested in having to download a special editor or filter but a 
> convertor to change the file into something more useful than the .mkv 
> file type.

That is obviously a lie. You haven't even read the first 10 lines of the 
main page. See
below to find out why I know that.

> BTW, if everyone would just simply understand about video and audio, 
> they would already see that theirs a very tough job on the market to 
> beat, its called .ogm

Learn why OGM is the largest accumulation of shit I (and most likely you 
as well) have
ever seen (even if you've seen that heap of shit from that one 
triceratops s in Jurassic Parc):
and why it is inferior to AVI in almost all aspects.

>  sits in an .avi container

With that nonsense you have removed any doubt. You obviously do not have 
the slightest idea
as to what you are talking about.

> and is read BY ALL players

It's not. BSPlayer for example doesn't read AVIs with switchable 
subtitles properly.

> so yourselves and others who attempt to sway THE standard, will have a 
> hard time.

Against AVI, maybe. Against OGM crap, certainly not.

> Sorry your codec does nothing for me

What do you talk about? That's even worse than the rest of your 
(nonsense) message.
You've claimed that you've read www.matroska.org, and yet you call mkv a 
See above, this one proves that you haven't read the first 10 lines of 
the matroska main

> , only it has turned me away from the idea because I have a filetype 
> with no way of playing the fucking think, yes IM happy. NOT.

Learn reading. then and use those skills on www.matroska.org and 
Google for mkvextract and read its manual.

Alex, not member of the matroska team, but annoyed by stupid people.

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