[Matroska-devel] Re: [Matroska-general] AVI convertion please

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Mon Oct 25 09:30:57 CEST 2004


On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 12:34:40PM +0100, tnr at ntlworld.com wrote:

> Would you be kind enought to have a .mkv to .avi format convertor
> please???

No. AVI cannot do all that Matroska can do (Vorbis, variable FPS video,
subtitles are NOT supported by hardware players, just to name a few).

> IM not intrested in .mkv at all,

Then don't use it.

> What IM annoyed about is I spent nearly a month downloading a large
> file which was labled up as an avi file which turned out to be your
> .mkv format type and looking at your site you do not offer anything to
> help me decode the file into a file type thats compatible with my
> editors,

Wohooo. And now you're blaming us that you've donwloaded some illegal
stuff which was mislabeled and we don't offer the one-click-solution to
your agony? Go get a life, dude.

> BTW, if everyone would just simply understand about video and audio,
> they would already see that theirs a very tough job on the market to
> beat, its called .ogm, sits in an .avi container and is read BY ALL
> players, so yourselves and others who attempt to sway THE standard,
> will have a hard time.

LOL! Two of the major software developpers who've written tools for OGM
are Matroska team members, and we perfectly know what OGM can and cannot
do. For instance you cannot put OGM into AVI. Or do you mean Vorbis? No?
Well, even if you would, you can't put Vorbis into AVI and have that
file working properly either. At the moment all hardware players that
support Ogg (yes Ogg, not OGM) support audio-only Ogg/Vorbis files, and
not audio/video OGM files.

> Sorry your codec does nothing for me, only it has turned me away from
> the idea because I have a filetype with no way of playing the fucking
> think, yes IM happy. NOT.

Matroska is a _container_, not a _codec_. If it's not the thing for you
then don't use it, and don't download it.

(You know, getting onto a mailing list and starting a rant is certainly
not the way to get help. Treat others how you want to be treated.)


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