[Matroska-devel] Re: Re: Dirac Video Codec

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Oct 6 21:39:51 CEST 2004

Paul Bryson a écrit :

>>>I'm not sure how you are differentiating from the current built in specs 
>>>for encryption.  These could easily be used as a DRM solution if someone 
>>>so desired.  Currently it allows encrypting just the tracks private data 
>>>or all of the Blocks individually.
>>Nop, signature != encryption. And what we have now is only signature 
>>without encryption. That means you can discard it and still use the file 
> Did you forget about the ContentEncryption element again?  It allows 
> encryption of the stream data, or even multiple layers of encryption.  Sure, 
> only the ContentCompression side of  ContentEncoding has actually been 
> implemented, but that still doesn't remove the fact that it is already in 
> the specs, and more than sufficient for a DRM system.

Yes I totally forgot about that one. And BTW what we were talking was 
something more generic, usable everywhere in any EBML format...

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