[Matroska-devel] CorePNG to store still images ?

Jory Stone jcsston at jory.info
Tue Oct 5 17:33:07 CEST 2004

Yeah, the menu is just a single encoded MPEG-2 frame that the player keeps 
on the screen.
Converting to CorePNG wouldn't be hard, or you could keep it as MPEG-2.
CorePNG's format is basically PNG file + little extra data to tell what 
color format has been hacked in ;) RGB, YUY2, YV12.


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> Hi Jory,
> Toff's DvdMenuXtractor used to extract still images from a DVD to BMP 
> files. The advantage is that when you compress the images, you can save 
> some space. In the other hand BMP is not compressed and it can't be muxed 
> into Matroska.
> The problem here is that DVD cells can be in still format at anytime 
> (maybe not anytime but theoretically they can). So we need to integrate it 
> into the stream. We have 2 options :
> - encode the still cells as continuous cells. Hopefully MPEG2 readers can 
> output the data as one or more frame. One frame with a long duration would 
> be nice, but I doubt it will happen :(
> - encode the stills as CorePNG and switch between the main and CorePNG 
> tracks when needed
> I think the cleanest way is to use CorePNG, but that implies using a 
> "sub-track" for each possible DVD video track (ie angle).
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