[Matroska-devel] Re: Matroska + Delphi - wanting GStreamer/Win32 ?

Christophe PARIS christophe.paris at free.fr
Fri Oct 1 17:36:11 CEST 2004

I have started a delphi native matroska parser.
It's the parser I use in MatroskaDiag :

It parse most of the thing but not the cluster, as I didn't
need that yet :)
So in the current status, you can't use it to make a demuxer,
only to get info about a file.

Sources are available here :

Maybe that coud give you some idea.
It depends what you wanna do.


Arioch /BDV/ wrote:

> The stars so gaily glistened... (Fri, 01 Oct 2004 14:40:38 +0200 @569)
> ...while the fading voice of Steve whispered through the darkness:
>  ??>> Is there pre-compiled win32 standard dll's ?
>  ??>> Is there Delphi headers for them ?
>  SL> As libmatroska and libebml are written in C++, I doubt you can use
>  SL>  them directly with Delphi as they are. 
> Pity, but You're right. Shame on me, i missedthe obvious thing.
>  SL> There are other C implementations that might be used as DLLs.
> For example, one told to be in GStreamer.
> And seems it is cinsidered quite ok.
> So, is it "Ronald S. Bultje" or someone else, who maintains GStreamer/Win32 ?
> Guess i need to ask them about DLL's :-)
> Should i try to crawl out into gstreamer.devel, or is he monitoring this list time to time ?

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