[Matroska-devel] adding a 'forced display' flag?

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Wed Nov 17 14:08:32 CET 2004


> That's kinda long for the specs.

We don't have to put this into the main table. The table can contain a
short version and a link to the longer explanation which will be part of
the official specs, too.

> >The last sentence is just a reminder that Matroska knows default values
> >even though most apps always write that field nowadays.
> So it can be dropped.

Sure, but I'd like some clarification here. The current version leaves
too much room for ambiguity as we've seen when TCMP and AVIMux GUI
handled the flag differently.

> I don't like the word "display". The forced flag should be usable for 
> all kinds of data.

Ups, my bad. Call it "forced playback" or just "forced".

> Nop. At least on DVD you can play the forced tracks and the "main" one 
> at the same time (used only for subs AFAIK).

Yes, that's definitely what I want to express, too.

> Here are my versions :
> * Default Flag :
> The default flag specifies which track of a kind (audio, video, subs) 
> SHOULD be used if no language found matches the user preference.
> * Forced Flag :
> The forced flag specifies that a track MUST be used during playback. 
> There can be many forced track for a kind (audio, video, subs), the 
> player should select the one which language matches the user preference 
> or the default + forced track. Overlay MAY happen between a forced and 
> non-forced track of the same kind.

Those are nice, but like I've said, I'd prefer some more explanation for
both (based on your proposals). Those explanations can really be on a
separate page.


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