[Matroska-devel] Re: [gst-devel] Gstreamer and matroska - theopensource answer to VideoforWindows/AVI and Quicktime/MOV ?

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Fri Mar 19 04:28:26 CET 2004

"Ronald S. Bultje" wrote...
> GStreamer is not bound to a single container, nor does it need a
> preferred one. Users use individually preferred containers. If we would
> ever want to set automated preferences (planned for 0.9.x by me), I'd
> give any open format a higher preference than a closed one. Obviously,
> (example) Matroska would be preferred over (example) ASF. However, Ogg
> and Matroska would be evenly preferred.

I would prefer most things over Ogg because at this point it only stores Vorbis,
and soon officially Theora.  Perhaps Matroska and NUT would be evenly preferred?
Although, I imagine that (like every other program) GStreamer would only allow
selecting a single initial default.  But what would you pick?  If you would
indeed prefer an open format, then Matroska seems the obvious choice here.  It
will store anything, and is already in 'wide spread' use.


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