[Matroska-devel] Re: Re: Tag names

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Mar 15 17:43:35 CET 2004

Age Bosma wrote:

> One final thing I would like to get off my chest. I was amazed to see 
> how many tags where included in Matroska. I never expected to see an 
> attempt to combine all current tags into one system.
> Like mentioned in the thread you pointed to earlier the whole tag field 
> stuff should be cleaned up a some stage although I agree in being 
> compatible with other tag fields as well. As a step in the right 
> direction we could created 2 specs. Something like "Matroska" and 
> "Matroska lite" where the first one includes all the tag fields like now 
> and the lite version only includes the more usefull and necessary 
> fields. In the Matroska specs people will be pointed to the lite version 
> as much as possible and if realy realy realy needed people can use the 
> complete spec of tag fields. What's your opinion about this?

I agree. That's similar to the profiles we use for the global Matroska 
specs. There could be different profiles, maybe the same ones as we 
already use : portable/fixed devices, audio-only/video devices, 
simple/advanced devices, read-only/write devices.

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