[Matroska-devel] Re: Re: Tag names

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Mon Mar 15 08:34:58 CET 2004

"Age Bosma" wrote...
> Paul Bryson wrote:
> Is the Matroska page I refered to the most up to date information
> available? You said you changed it but where is it changed?

I updated it on my harddrive, but hadn't committed to CVS yet.  Its committed

> The green area's: You seem to be using BITSPS (bits per second) but
> aren't bits per minute a more widely used unit?

Perhaps you are thinking of "Beats per minute" as I have never heard of "Bits
per minute".  Bits per second refers to the bitrate, or the rate of data
transfer.  Beats per minute is an audio term refering to (I'm not even sure how
to define this).  I'm pretty sure that Matroska is supposed to have a Beats Per
Minute tag.  Is there a common one that fb2k currently stores?

> You refer to the id3 CONTENTTYPE for the genre but according the the ID3
> list GENREID should be used, shouldn't it? GENRE is the actual used
> field name instead of GENREID though... Also, is there realy a need to
> use two different tags to refer to the audio and video genre? Imo it
> should be judged by the used context if it refers to audio or video.

If a tag is set for a Chapter instead of a Track, then it becomes important to
know which you are refering to because it will refer to both a video and audio
track.  Is it a music video or a movie?

> And finally SET_PART, the current description is "the total number of
> tracks on a disc" but judging by the field name itself it's refering to
> a single part instead of the total. If the current description is
> incorrect, the field would be the same as the id3 PARTINSET field.

This is another case of a missing tag.  There are supposed to be two tags to
hold the data that might be held in the TRCK tag.  One holds the total number of
parts.  The other holds the part that this item refers to.  Unfortunately I am
not sure which exactly SET_PART refers to.  Can you think of more descriptive
names for this.  Maybe TOTAL_PARTS and PART?

> The yellow: CDROM_CD_TEXT_PACK_TOC_INFO2 as a field name must be the
> most self descriptive tag name ever! ;-)
> I don't know it's purpose, the description is left out, but should this
> be included or shouldn't the field name be changed?

That is one of those "work in progress" tags.  It refers to the second TOC for a
CD.  Unfortunately at this point I haven't been able to track down the real name
of it and this is what MS uses for their API.  So, no this doesn't need to be
the name, but I need to track down the proper name to use.

> The blue area's: Isn't there a tracknumber field included in the
> Matroska tag fields? Shouldn't there be?

Yes, there should be.  See above with the SET_PART.  I don't want to use
TRACKNUMBER however as that creates confusion with the Matroska meaning of the
word "track".

> Also the COMMENT field, this one appears to be left out in Matroska as
> well. Imo a comment field should be included. E.g. what if you want to
> mark a track being a bonus track of a disc? Or what if the track is
> featuring a different artist?

There is already a tag labelled "COMMENTS".  If a track features a different
artist, then that track should be labelled with that artist.  That information
shouldn't need to go in the COMMENTS tag.

> As for the orange: Can you confirm if these field names are placed
> correctly?

I will try to go through and confirm these when I have some time.

The three items labeled "CONTACT" should not be under the Commercial section.  I
will move them in the Matroska specs when I have some time.

Do you want to some how indicate items that would be nested tags in Matroska,
such as WWWARTIST?

I want to make some specific examples of how to use certain tags.  For instance,
take a movie, and say where to store each piece of data for that movie.  Then
take a CD, and say where to store each piece of data for that CD.  Preferably
they would each be part of a large, multi-volume set, containing all of the
different levels of titles that could be used.  Do you have any ideas of what to
use for this?


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