[Matroska-devel] Re: Tag names

Age Bosma agebosma at home.nl
Sun Mar 14 20:25:04 CET 2004

Paul Bryson wrote:
>>The tag INTERNET_RADIO_STATION is akin to the TRSN tag in ID3v2.4
>>instead of the TSRN tag. This one doesn't exist ;-)
> I swear I have fixed this before, but I'm not sure what happenned to it.  Fixed
> now...again...whatever.

Is the Matroska page I refered to the most up to date information 
available? You said you changed it but where is it changed?

I updated the list again, now it includes the Matroska tags as a base:

As you can see on the page I stared to use some awful colours to mark 
changed and problem area's for now. The exact legend can also be found 
on the bottom of the page.
The green area's: You seem to be using BITSPS (bits per second) but 
aren't bits per minute a more widely used unit?
You refer to the id3 CONTENTTYPE for the genre but according the the ID3 
list GENREID should be used, shouldn't it? GENRE is the actual used 
field name instead of GENREID though... Also, is there realy a need to 
use two different tags to refer to the audio and video genre? Imo it 
should be judged by the used context if it refers to audio or video.
And finally SET_PART, the current description is "the total number of 
tracks on a disc" but judging by the field name itself it's refering to 
a single part instead of the total. If the current description is 
incorrect, the field would be the same as the id3 PARTINSET field.

The yellow: CDROM_CD_TEXT_PACK_TOC_INFO2 as a field name must be the 
most self descriptive tag name ever! ;-)
I don't know it's purpose, the description is left out, but should this 
be included or shouldn't the field name be changed?

The blue area's: Isn't there a tracknumber field included in the 
Matroska tag fields? Shouldn't there be?
Also the COMMENT field, this one appears to be left out in Matroska as 
well. Imo a comment field should be included. E.g. what if you want to 
mark a track being a bonus track of a disc? Or what if the track is 
featuring a different artist?

As for the orange: Can you confirm if these field names are placed 



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