[Matroska-devel] Re: Tag names

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Sat Mar 13 19:51:08 CET 2004

"Age Bosma" wrote...
> I'm working on a general reference table for tag/field names of the
> different tag types used (OGG, ID3, APE, Matroska)

I actually made one of these around a year ago, but it is incomplete, and not
updated for Matroska.

> First of all your page is containing one dead link and one typo:
> http://matroska.org/technical/specs/tagging/index.html
> The Example XML Tags link
> (http://matroska.org/technical/specs/tagging/tagexamples/example.xml) is
> dead at the moment.

Sorry, it looks like the server config has been changed to not auto copy *.xml
files out of CVS to the web server.  I'll ask about getting this fixed.  In the
mean time, here is a link to the example it CVS.

> The tag INTERNET_RADIO_STATION is akin to the TRSN tag in ID3v2.4
> instead of the TSRN tag. This one doesn't exist ;-)

I swear I have fixed this before, but I'm not sure what happenned to it.  Fixed

> Is there any list available which already contains more comparison
> information including other tag types? If not I'm going to extend my
> list and if you like I'll keep you informed about updates incase you
> might want to use it as well.

Take a look at this post.
Also look at the files here:

The Matroska Tags listed in that excel spreadsheet are from the old system and
no longer apply.  But, it is a good reference for other tags.

I would definately be interested in any updates that you could make to that.

> Am I correct the current Matroska list doesn't include all id3
> comparisons yet? There seem to be some more similarities which aren't
> included yet. Or has the list already been completed and you've desided
> that there are no similarities close enough anymore?

As you can see, it used to.  However, with the simplification process that took
place with the tags, there is no longer a one-to-one mapping of tags.  Many of
the ID3 tags would be mapped to nested tags inside of Matroska.  For instance:
would be mapped to a URL tag underneath the LEAD_PERFORMER tag.  This specific
example is even viewable in the example.xml.

> Also, foobar is adding ReplayGain info using the REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN
> and REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK instead of the Matroska proposed
> REPLAYGAIN_GAIN and REPLAYGAIN_PEAK. The first two names seem to
> describe the information better imo. Especially compared to the names
> used for the album gain and peak in Matroska. Also if sticking to the
> first two names it would be more consistent with the other formats.

Ugh.  I misread what Peter wrote to me earlier.  This has been changed now,
although I'm not sure if it makes any sense in the context of movies.  However,
given that he has the only implementation of this, I'll change it.

> This is what I got so far, not including Matroska yet:
> http://hobba.hobba.nl/audio/tagfields.html

Looks good.

> While adding Matroska to the list I already came across some minor
> errors which are being corrected as we speak.

For quick questions, irc is probably the best method for a quick response.


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