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Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Mar 7 17:30:51 CET 2004

Anyone has info on this ?

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Subject: AW: WAV MPEG Header
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 17:06:09 +0100
From: Mark Essien <mark at essien.de>
Organization: Essien Research & Development
To: 'Steve Lhomme' <steve.lhomme at free.fr>

Hi Steve :)

Thanks for the info. Yes, I need that info a lot. You see, I made this MPEG
encoder that multiplexes a PCM and an MPEG-video stream, however, no player
I can find can play the PCM stream. And it stands to reason, because there
are various sample rates that can be used for a PCM stream, and the player
has to find that out somehow or the other. I tried writing a RIFF header,
but that did not help either. I'm quite puzzled about this, and even the
all-knowing google could not help much :)

It would be nice if you could direct me to someone who could tell me this,
yes, and thanks a lot!

Essien Research & Development
10243 Berlin, Germany.
+49 3041727690

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Von: Steve Lhomme [mailto:steve.lhomme at free.fr]
Gesendet: Sonntag, 7. März 2004 11:28
An: Mark Essien
Betreff: Re: WAV MPEG Header

Mark Essien wrote:
> Hello,
> I see that you are quite the pro in this area - when an MPEG stream 
> uses uncompressed PCM audio as the audio track, does it have to 
> contain the WAV header? For example, in DVDs.

I'm not really a pro for MPEG streams. But it's very unlikely that it uses
the WAV (RIFF) header for PCM data. But I don't know how the format is
recognised in interleaved MPEG streams... If you need these info I can
redirect you to the right people :)


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