[Matroska-devel] Subtitles in MKV? Any docs?

Martin Bottanek bottanek at radlight.com
Wed Jun 16 21:45:10 CEST 2004

Here goes a reply by Igor (as I am not a programmer ;-) )

> well.. our point is to make support for matroska subtitles. I've written a
> dshow filter for handling subtitles embedded in containers.
> It can handle text streams in AVI files as well as OGM and now we want it
> process also MKV subtitles.
> I've dumped several MKV subtitle streams and the data looks like the
> following :
> 0,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Here we go.1,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Hiya
> fellas.2,0,Default,,0,0,0,,It's him.3,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Do we
> proceed?4,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes.5,0,Default,,0,0,0,,He is
> still,6,0,Default,,0,0,0,,only human.7,0,Default,,0,0,0,,All of our lives,
> we have fought this war.8,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Tonight I believe we can end
> it.9,0,Default,,0,0,0,,That's a nice trick.10,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Hm,
> upgrades.11,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Mr.
> to see me?13,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Now he's found a way to copy
> himself.14,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Now there's more than one of
> him?15,0,Default,,0,0,0,,A lot more.16,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Come on
> !17,0,Default,,0,0,0,,The machines are
> boring from the surface straight down to Zion.19,0,Default,,0,0,0,,There
> only one way to save our
> city.20,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Neo.21,0,Default,,0,0,0,,What happens if I
> fail?22,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Then Zion will fall.23,0,Default,,0,0,0,,They
> you.24,0,Default,,0,0,0,,I need you.25,0,Default,,0,0,0,,What if the
> prophecy is true?26,0,Default,,0,0,0,,What if tomorrow, the war could be
> over?27,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Isn't that worth fighting
> for?28,0,Default,,0,0,0,,Isn't that worth dying for?
> the timestamped data looks a bit like SSA, but I want to be sure I'm doing
> everything right....
> is there anyone to tell me more about the subs ?
> best
> Igor

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