[Matroska-devel] Tags internationalisation

Jory jcsston at wiesneronline.net
Sun Jun 6 21:00:18 CEST 2004

The best way to handle this I think would be to have English be the default
genre language, using the native language for special genres.
Then in tag editing programs that are non-English it should translate the
English names to the users language and back to English when writing the
tags. If the user enters a genre the doesn't exist in the English table,
write it as the user language as it would likely be a native or custom
IMHO Using a number to id the genre isn't a great idea since they don't mean
anything to the user and require a lookup table for it to be any use. (think
outdated software)


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> Hi,
> I was just pissed for the Xth time by iTunes that changed all my Ambient
>   genre tracks to Ambiance, just because iTunes is in french... And then
> I just wondered how Matroska would handle this. After all there might be
> some genre that have different names in different countries...
> IMO the genres should be in english, and the internationalised software
> should translate it (with a map we could define). Some genres might be
> country specific and therefore in the native language. Also it should
> still be possible to use custom genres. But then you don't need to
> translate them to interact with other softwares.
> What do you think of this issue ? Or maybe allow to set the language for
> a genre (and use a list of translations when possible) ? Or use both a
> string and a number ?
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