[Matroska-devel] Multiple CDs in MKA

Nicolas Le Guen nleguen at pepper-prod.com
Sat Jul 31 13:14:53 CEST 2004

Steve Lhomme wrote:

> Hi,
> I was thinking about this "many CDs in one MKA file" feature. It would 
> be nice for some albums or compilations (you move one file the same 
> way you move the CD).
> We have been thinking about using editions to distinguish the 
> different CDs. But I'm not sure it's the right way to do it. Editions 
> are meant to describe the same content but with variations (mostly 
> chapters, hidden parts and control tracks). They are not meant to 
> describe non-overlapping parts of the same segment. For that there are 
> chapters, and subchapters (and subsubchapters). So I think each CD 
> should be a large chapter, each track a subchapter of this chapter and 
> the possible indexes are subsubchapters. This seems logical to me 
> since nothing is overlapping at this level. Of course if there is just 
> one CD, you can remove one level. And for one track you can also 
> remove one level. When joining files you should a level: tracks -> CD, 
> CDs -> CD-set. That looks like a logical form to me.
> Any suggestions or ideas ?
> Mosu suggested we should do a document describing how CD-in-MKA is 
> done. That could help both developpers and users understand it. 
> Goldenear ? Do you feel like doing it ?
The Edition issues had been discussed yesterday on #matroska. It's seems 
to be the most logical way to go.
And about what you say on using chapters and supchapters, it's a 
possibility indeed... But how would you distinguish if a top level 
chapter is really a normal chapter or is corresponding to a whole album 
(in a multiablum mka case). And in a single ablum mka case, where would 
you put global tags? This appears to me, more like a problem than like a 
solution ;-)
Ok, we could in any case use a least one top level chapter to define the 
current CD and "attach" to this top lovel chapter all the global tags, 
including the MEDIA_PART tag. so we could considere that any top level 
chapter that has a MEDIA_PART tag is an album ... else it's a normal 
chapter. But won't the be confusing?

About a guide about CD in MKA, I wand to 1) update my guide about it on 
HA 2) make a webpage with a more detailed version of this guide with 
screenshots :-) I'm just waiting everything to be standardized and fixed 
to do / publish it ;-)
With all the work done recently about CD in MKA, I'm pretty sure MKA 
will become the standard way to archive audio CDs :-D

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