[Matroska-devel] ORIGINAL_TITLE tag name

Age Bosma agebosma at home.nl
Fri Jul 30 17:13:30 CEST 2004

Nicolas Le Guen wrote:

> Hi,
> I just wonder if the ORIGINAL_TITLE tag name is correct: According to 
> http://hobba.hobba.nl/audio/tag_frame_reference.html this tag is 
> "Original album/movie/show title". So, I guess we have to use this tag 
> for the original title of a movie in the case of a  remake for example. 
> In this case it is correct, but what tag do we have to use to specify 
> that one of the songs of an audio compilation (in a mka file) was 
> originaly on album x? Don't the ORIGINAL_ALBUM="x" tag would be more 
> convenient (an explicit) in this case? (ID3v2 tag for that is ORIGALBUM 
> so...)
> What's your opinion on this? :-)

A suggestion I made before, and as far as I know was being generally 
accepted, was that we should introduce a "ORIGINAL" sublevel to be able 
to nest every available tag. This way all ORIGINAL_X tags can be left 
out of the Matroska tag set and it allows you to specify every bit of 
original info.
The only thing is that it hasn't been completely work out yet but as far 
as I can see it won't cause any problems in the current tag system. I'm 
I wrong about this?



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