[Matroska-devel] Matroska Pack 1.0.2 Doesn't Support XviD 1.0.1 Properly

Christophe PARIS christophe.paris at free.fr
Sat Jul 17 11:08:58 CEST 2004


Liisachan wrote:
> Im wondering if this is a known problem for Matroska team:
> Matroska Pack (full) 1.0.2 comes with ffdshow 2003-05-23
> by default, which, however, plays XviD 1.0.1 in an improper way, 
> making ppl misunderstand that MKV is an awkward, non-smooth 
> format.

Yes, this problem is caused by the packed bitstream option. People have 
to know that it can also cause the same problems with hardware device.

Now about ffdshow version, maybe it's possible to take the 2003-05-23 
version and to merge some of the new change and fix this problem.


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