[Matroska-devel] TCME GUI Ideas

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Jan 31 07:40:01 CET 2004

Jory wrote:

>I have been doing a lot of thinking about the GUI and what type of interface
>we would have. So far I have came up with the following:
>1. VirtualDub-like interface
>Pros: Simple, Many users will already know how to use it.
>Cons: Single Video Track, no visual of the Audio Track
>2. Adobe Premiere-like interface
>Pros: Flexible, Layering, Lots of A/V/S Tracks
>Cons: Complex, May scare away some users.
>3. Blend
>Only have a single video track, but provide better editing options for the
>audio/subtitle tracks.
>Pros: Only a little more complex than a VirtualDub-like interface.
>Cons: No Layering, Titles not possible?
>>From these three idea I like the third the best for a start. Later on, we
>could add a more complex interface for advanced users and true NLE purposes.
Sounds good to me also :)

>BTW When browsing the GStreamer mailing lists, I found Pupuedit, an
>open-source Linux NLE that plans on using GStreamer
>Should we contact the developer and ask if he would be interested in joining
Thats done already, the author behind it is ploum, he is a steady guest 
on #gstreamer and expressed his wish to collaborate already. He and a 
friend ( both from F ) plan to make this editor as their diploma thesis 
:) ....

>For the license issue:
>After reading the new choices, the LGPL gets my vote. It's GPL-friendly,
>while not being infectious. A good compromise IMHO. :)
I personally find it to be too weak, sorry ..... meanwhile my vote goes 
to GPL ....

>Also about the porting of GStreamer for Windows. One idea I had is to have
>the GStreamer core, libglib, libiconv, libxml2 all in one
>gstreamer-0.7.0.dll. This may be impossible, but if it is it would be cool
>to only have one .dll required by the editor (even if it is large).
What about making a huge DirectShow filter from it :D !! Not like 
ffdshow, that contradicts the idea of DShow by trying to play dozens of 
formats, but in a more intelligent way, only using the stuff we need 
like overlays and the like. The filter could be responsible to play 
virtual 'gst-files', while they are only commands/scripts indicating 
what file to play, and how ...... crazy idea, i know :) ....

>Last but not least
>Would creating a TCME project at the this point, to collaborate the
>GStreamer port be wise?
>Feel free to comment, Jory
robux4 has the confirmation from gstreamer people already about using 
their CVS :) ...


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