[Matroska-devel] TCME GUI Ideas

Jory jcsston at wiesneronline.net
Sat Jan 31 06:18:38 CET 2004

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the GUI and what type of interface
we would have.

So far I have came up with the following:
1. VirtualDub-like interface
Pros: Simple, Many users will already know how to use it.
Cons: Single Video Track, no visual of the Audio Track

2. Adobe Premiere-like interface
Pros: Flexible, Layering, Lots of A/V/S Tracks
Cons: Complex, May scare away some users.

3. Blend
Only have a single video track, but provide better editing options for the
audio/subtitle tracks.
Pros: Only a little more complex than a VirtualDub-like interface.
Cons: No Layering, Titles not possible?

>From these three idea I like the third the best for a start. Later on, we
could add a more complex interface for advanced users and true NLE purposes.

BTW When browsing the GStreamer mailing lists, I found Pupuedit, an
open-source Linux NLE that plans on using GStreamer
Should we contact the developer and ask if he would be interested in joining

For the license issue:
After reading the new choices, the LGPL gets my vote. It's GPL-friendly,
while not being infectious. A good compromise IMHO. :)

Also about the porting of GStreamer for Windows. One idea I had is to have
the GStreamer core, libglib, libiconv, libxml2 all in one
gstreamer-0.7.0.dll. This may be impossible, but if it is it would be cool
to only have one .dll required by the editor (even if it is large).

Last but not least
Would creating a TCME project at the this point, to collaborate the
GStreamer port be wise?

Feel free to comment,

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