[Matroska-devel] Re: Re: MPEG in MKV

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Thu Jan 29 20:52:03 CET 2004

"Ronald S. Bultje" wrote...
> Apparently, for MPEG-2, it's legal to omit the GOP header, which sounds
> fine to me. I can't find that in the MPEG-1 specs, so I'm scary to allow
> it (explicitly) for MPEG-1, too. I'd say that it's fairly logical to
> allow it for MPEG-2 only, then (even though most MPEG-1/2 combi decoders
> will decode MPEG-1 with missing GOP headers just fine, too, simply
> because that simplifies their implementation as a combi-decoder).

It sounds like the thing to do then is to make a sample of MPEG-1 with the GOP
header missing and see if anything b0rks on playing it back.  If nothing does,
then we should be fine.


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