[Matroska-devel] Re: Variable Framerate, plugin based video editing tool

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Jan 28 10:07:28 CET 2004

Steve Lhomme wrote:

> Pushing it even further... I think this file format to save an 
> "editing session" is actually the heart of TCVE. It should be possible 
> to store everything in that file format. And therefore TCVE simply 
> becomes a GUI editor for that file format.

Steve, dont you think one step too much into the future here, scaring 
all developers away ? This editing language is certainly a good idea, 
but shouldn't we concentrate on the very basic sceleton for now, means 
to create a framework that will allow

- input plugins
- muxing of MKV files


If you look at my roadmap below

1. Define basic structure, including the internal scripting
2. Define API for input/output modules
3. Allow muxing of MKV files, using different source formats
4. Implement simple cutting/editing based on frame number / timestamp
----- note : at this step mkvmerge becomes redundant
5. Add Preview for the most used and free formats ( via libavcodec ? 
licensing problems ? )
6. Implement enhanced one step editing, similar to Virtualdub ( mark 
areas to be deleted / copied )
7. Define a codec plugin API
8. Realize re-encoding of audio and video streams, using de/encoder plugins
----- note : at this step vdubmod becomes redundant
9. Adding NLE, with fades etc.

you will find that the first goal must be to come to step 4. , means to 
replace the basic muxing functionality of mkvmerge. Your 'editing 
command file format' would become interesting from step 6. no ?

> So if everyone agree, we should concentrate on this file format a lot.

We shouldnt take the same risk as with matroska here, wanting too much 
at a time, risking everything goes down the drain. Lets make a policy of 
small steps here, first make a working muxer with a plugin structure, 
then add file splitting, then editing, then reencoding using codec 
plugins, then NLE . We need help for this huge task, and we should have 
learned from experience that you dont get support from people when you 
are in the planning stage still, nobody will give a dime for our nice 
plans. Give them something basic and working to play with, and interest 
and support will come all of a sudden. Just my 2 cents


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