[Matroska-devel] Re: Variable Framerate, plugin based video editing tool

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Jan 27 10:37:22 CET 2004

Steve Lhomme wrote:

> Steve Lhomme wrote:
>> Some thoughts about the editor...
>> I was just reading the interresting IP article, and read about editing 
>> and how studios can have 2 or 3 different edits of the same movie. 
>> That made me think of how you could compare them easily. And as we do 
>> with software sources, we just make a diff. But it is impossible with 
>> binary data. So I suggests that TCVE could store an edit as an XML 
>> file. This way you can compare and create new edits easily from the 
>> same "raw" source.
> And now pushing the idea further, we should be able to play a movie from 
> that XML source file. Just like an AVIsynth script but with more 
> features : at least VFR, but probably multi-tracks, chapters, control 
> tracks, menus, etc.

Pushing it even further... I think this file format to save an "editing 
session" is actually the heart of TCVE. It should be possible to store 
everything in that file format. And therefore TCVE simply becomes a GUI 
editor for that file format.

So if everyone agree, we should concentrate on this file format a lot.

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