[Matroska-devel] Variable Framerate, plugin based video editing tool

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Jan 26 16:57:07 CET 2004


i have the pleasure to tell you that there is a good chance that Mosu 
and Cyrius will work together on a new video editing tool. The new tool 
should not be based on any existing programs, but be more or less 
started from scratch. Mosu and Cyrius are currently in the process to 
agree on basic structure, and the matroska-devel ML will be used for 
these initial steps.

A first draft of the scope of the program could look like that :

- Variable Framerate ( VFR ) capable
- Extendable via plugins, for both input/output containers
- Standard editing Format is MKV ( matroska )
- Can handle at least one video stream, plus several audio and subtitles 
- X-platform, GUI made with wxwindows for improved portability
- Possibility to extend to handling of multiple video streams for NLE ( 
Non-Linear Editing )

A possible road map could look like

1. Define basic structure, including the internal scripting
2. Define API for input/output modules
3. Allow muxing of MKV files, using different source formats
4. Implement simple cutting/editing based on frame number / timestamp
----- note : at this step mkvmerge becomes redundant
5. Add Preview for the most used and free formats ( via libavcodec ? 
licensing problems ? )
6. Implement enhanced one step editing, similar to Virtualdub ( mark 
areas to be deleted / copied )
7. Define a codec plugin API
8. Realize re-encoding of audio and video streams, using de/encoder plugins
----- note : at this step vdubmod becomes redundant
9. Adding NLE, with fades etc.

As you all might be aware, this is a huge task and can not be completed 
by the two alone. It must be the goal of the complete matroska team to 
contribute to this project, mainly by adding usable input modules, so 
that step 4. could be achieved in reasonable time, so that the full 
scope of mkvmerge is matched by the new editor. After that, the 
definition of a codec plugin API and the creation of codecs based on 
this should be the mian goal, so we could finally lift matroska to a 
level where it can truely overcome AVI and VfW, and will get a general 
standard status for the future of video and audio encoding.

I expect Mosu will have something to say here now, and i suppose he will 
get a lot more technical than i did, and also will answer with a lot of  
'BUT's :-) . So please, before you reply to this email to tell us your 
opinion about it, wait for his email first. After all, i might have seen 
things too optimistic, as always ;-) ....


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