[Matroska-devel] Re: [PATCH] new C only matroska demuxer

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Sun Jan 25 15:02:58 CET 2004

Arpi wrote:

> Hi,
>>Aurelien, we have MPEG2 working in MKV now, if you want a sample file 
>>pls. come to the #matroska channel, it would be nice if you could add 
>>MPEG2 playback from MKV in your mplayer patch. VLC people have it 
>>working since today, Xine people got test files already ...
> What's teh sence of putting mpeg2 to mkv container???
> I can't see any reason why is it worth to do it. 
> It's like putting mp3 into .ogg, it can be done, but no one on
> this earth do that.
> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

For us, MPEG2 is just simply a codec, like every other codec around, so 
we dont see any reason *NOT* to put it into MKV. We have found several 
different occasions where it could be useful, and others may turn up we 
havent thought of yet :

- MPEG editing : We are planning on making a general use video editor 
tool based on MKV.That way any video format that can be transmuxed into 
MKV could be edited, namely MPEG1/2/4, RealVideo, DV video, etc. could 
be edited, and in combination with any supported audio format, and then 
converted to any other formats afterwards. Not a very clean way you 
might say, but definitely feasible. I dont know about Linux, but on 
Windows there are no good and free MPEG video editors available, and i 
dont know of any editor for RealVideo at all.

- Analog capturing with MPEG2 and FLAC audio : We only need a real time 
MPEG2 DirectShow encoder filter ( based on libavcodec of course ), and 
we could do this already, and with any DirectShow based capturing tool. 
MPEG2 video gives excellent ration between bitrate and video quality, so 
its a very good alternative to lossless or MJPEG capturing. And the FLAC 
encoder consumes very little CPU compared to a MP2 or even AC3 encoder.

- Combination of MPEG2 video and any other audio format : After all, a 
general use container should allow total freedom of the user, like AVI 
does. We have test files ( musisc videos ) with MPEG2 video and Vorbis 
audio, and they work great ;) ...

matroska project admin

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