[Matroska-devel] Re: Re: RFC 1134 - New EBML Block design

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Wed Jan 21 10:06:04 CET 2004

"Steve Lhomme" wrote...
> And it's funny that you, Paul, come up with all these changes that will
> render all current players useless and at the same time you want to
> freeze the specs to show that Matroska is a stable/solid format. One day
> you should make up your mind.

If RFC 80085 is picked, then it needs to be added to the specs ASAP.  If RFC
1134 is picked, then it can wait until 2.0.  Although, there is nothing to
prevent them both from being implemented.

It should also be noted that I came up with the current frame referencing
system, and the tags system that was replaced.  I have a big desire to do things
that are more aesthetically pleasing, but in practice the benefit often lies
elsewhere.  For instance the tags, they were just to difficult to implement in
their original form.

Some things are nice when done right, but just work better with a dirty hack.


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