[Matroska-devel] Next question about MUX

Stef Heyenrath cyberdemonii at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 17 19:55:16 CET 2004

I did not read the documentation about matroska, so if it is described 
somewhere please tell me !

I want to mux and avi and and mp3 with the matroska mux filter into a 
matroska file (.mkv)

When i do this the following code cannot work :

// QueryInterface for some basic interfaces 
pigb->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaControl, (void **)&pimc); 
pigb->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaEventEx, (void **)&pimex); 
pigb->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaSeeking, (void**)&pSeek);

lstart = 0;
lend = (LONGLONG) (TIMEFORMAT * l_split_at_milli_sec);
hr = pSeek->GetTimeFormat(&timeFormat);
hr = pSeek->GetDuration(&duration);
hr = pSeek->GetPositions(&Current,&Stop);

The "pSeek" functions return "NOT Implemented errors" ?

Please help me !


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