[Matroska-devel] Re: TCMP, MILK, matroska, mkvmerge, avi-mux ..... what a mess !! Cant we come up with a common Corecodec strategy ?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Jan 16 09:52:14 CET 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> Hi folks,
> when lying awake in my bed tonight, i was thinking again of the way we 
> are working currently, and to be honest, i dont like it a lot. Lets see 
> how many APIs and or platforms we have ( planned or used ) alone inside 
> our small number of projects :
> - CCAS for TCMP
> - MILK
> - UDub plugin API
> - mkvmerge internal API ( sorry, dont know how to name it better )
> - VfW ( VCM / ACM )
> - DirectShow
> My question : is there really no way to set all of this on a common 
> platform ? I know this kind of work is unwanted, as it doesnt give you 
> quick results. It maybe requires long term planning until you have the 
> common platform and API working ( i guess BBB and the Gstreamer guys can 
> sing a song here ), but dont you agree that, once this is done, we could 
> progress much much faster ?

Yes, but you can't expect DirectShow or VfW working on other platforms 
that MS ones. And we want to be cross-platform. Now there could be 
GStreamer but it's not working on anything other than unices. And they 
have no intention on endorsing other platforms (if you want it, that's 
your problem). That's a pity but the situation seems to be locked right now.

> A big question in this respect, as raised by robux4 again lately, is how 
> about porting Gstreamer to Windows ? We could call it   'WinStreamer'  

That would mean that we become *the* maintainers of this port as they 
don't give a shit about Windows (unless it's close enough to a UNIX 
using cygwin). And therefore, as I said already, I can't endorse that 
responsability because I want to concentrate on Matroska and Ordinateur-DJ.

> and make a project on cc.org from it, as Gstreamer itself has recently 
> moved to freebsd.org AFAIK, i guess they wont object if the Windows port 
> is hosted on another server. Just think of the huge number of 
> possibilities :
> - TCMP6 for Linux/Windows

And OSX :)

> - UDub, with the comfort to be able to use *ALL* existing format plugins 
> and codecs for gstreamer
> - the ability to use most of the apps designed for the official GNOME 
> media interface on Windows
> etc.
> What you think ?

This is indeed needed ! It will take a lot of time.

Maybe today I'm going to try to make real Mingw makefiles for GStreamer 
and its dependencies. And hopefully if it works I'll make an HTML doc of 
how to be able to do it... It would be even better to have MSVC project 
files after that. But I don't have it here...

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