[Matroska-devel] Re: [Matroska-general] TCMP, MILK, matroska, mkvmerge, avi-mux ..... what a mess !! Cant we come up with a common Corecodec strategy ?

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Fri Jan 16 09:33:09 CET 2004


> - mkvmerge internal API ( sorry, dont know how to name it better )

I strongly doubt my API would be 'convertable'. Basically I have three
1) readers (demuxers) which handle different container formats, file type
recognition and stuff. This is more or less easy.
2) packetizers (framers) which handle different media types - one for
Vorbis, one for video etc.pp.
3) The muxer (called cluster_helper) which requests packets from the
packetizers which request packets from the readers and then stuffs those
into clusters which then are rendered to the output file.

Now what makes this complicated? One thing is that all the command line
parameters actually have to reach the packetizers (and yes, I do mean
all or nearly all), that the cluster_helper needs access to a lot of
internal stuff of the packetizers. I can't really describe it, but my
stuff is really involved. If you want a common API that API would have
to be as extensive as mine is, and I don't think anyone else wants
that. My idea has never been to have a modular system for which everyone
can write a plugin (be it a reader or packetizer, doesn't matter) but to
have a system that can control almost every aspect of Matroska file
creation. This does not fit well into a common API.


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