[Matroska-devel] TCMP, MILK, matroska, mkvmerge, avi-mux ..... what a mess !! Cant we come up with a common Corecodec strategy ?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Jan 16 04:11:45 CET 2004

Hi folks,

when lying awake in my bed tonight, i was thinking again of the way we 
are working currently, and to be honest, i dont like it a lot. Lets see 
how many APIs and or platforms we have ( planned or used ) alone inside 
our small number of projects :

- UDub plugin API
- mkvmerge internal API ( sorry, dont know how to name it better )
- VfW ( VCM / ACM )
- DirectShow

My question : is there really no way to set all of this on a common 
platform ? I know this kind of work is unwanted, as it doesnt give you 
quick results. It maybe requires long term planning until you have the 
common platform and API working ( i guess BBB and the Gstreamer guys can 
sing a song here ), but dont you agree that, once this is done, we could 
progress much much faster ?

A big question in this respect, as raised by robux4 again lately, is how 
about porting Gstreamer to Windows ? We could call it   'WinStreamer'  
and make a project on cc.org from it, as Gstreamer itself has recently 
moved to freebsd.org AFAIK, i guess they wont object if the Windows port 
is hosted on another server. Just think of the huge number of 
possibilities :

- TCMP6 for Linux/Windows
- UDub, with the comfort to be able to use *ALL* existing format plugins 
and codecs for gstreamer
- the ability to use most of the apps designed for the official GNOME 
media interface on Windows

What you think ?


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