[Matroska-devel] Porting Gstreamer to win32 .... the better solution ?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Jan 15 10:56:28 CET 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> Hi guys,
> did we ever seriously think about this option ?

Probably not enough. I may investigate while I'm idle at work :)

> Think of the advantages :
> - plenty of working plugins, for most formats, and including matroska
> - a working and well designed codec/plugin API
> - a project to make a vidoe editor, we just need to help and adapt the 
> GUI for win32
> - a nice playback platform for a new, powerful player, for Linux and 
> Windows ( TCMP 6 ? )

TCMP 6 based on GStreamer would indeed be a great thing ! Especially if 
you use wxWindows for the GUI.

> <BBB> point 1: for porting unix code to win32, use cygwin

That's the easy-lazy way. Only good from a coder's perspective and 
definitely a "no way, you suck" for any normal user. I think that's 
*not* the way to go. But Mingw could help already achieving this.

> 10 - 20 MB ..... thats a lot now, but i'd like to see the size of Adobe 
> Premiere 8 once its out ? are 100 MB still enough ? And dont forget, the 
> basic gstreamer win32 platform can be distributed separately, and the 
> video editor or player become much smaller then ?
> What you think ?

Of course that could be great.

Keep in mind that the Helix platform probably also offer the same 
capabilities than GStreamer. And it's already working well on many 
platforms for dumb end-users.

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