[Matroska-devel] Porting Gstreamer to win32 .... the better solution ?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Jan 15 10:38:12 CET 2004

Hi guys,

did we ever seriously think about this option ?

Think of the advantages :

- plenty of working plugins, for most formats, and including matroska
- a working and well designed codec/plugin API
- a project to make a vidoe editor, we just need to help and adapt the 
GUI for win32
- a nice playback platform for a new, powerful player, for Linux and 
Windows ( TCMP 6 ? )

Just think of the hours of coding just to make working plugins for the 
new media-api :o ......

About size :

<ChrisHJW> and ... how big would it become once its ported ?
<BBB> I have no clue
<ChrisHJW> you cant make people understand why a video editor is 50 MB big ?
<BBB> porting is easy if you use cygwin
<BBB> we've had some people coming over to #gstreamer to say they want 
to port it
<BBB> but nobody wanted to use cygwin
<BBB> and nobody ever submitted workign code
<BBB> these are related ;)
<BBB> point 1: for porting unix code to win32, use cygwin
* ChrisHJW is also not happy about cygwin .. think performance and stuff 
<BBB> and 50 MB?
<ChrisHJW> BBB : wild guess
<BBB> how many memleaks does windows have?
<ChrisHJW> lol
<BBB> gst core is 1 or 2 MB
<ChrisHJW> ?
<ChrisHJW> wow
<BBB> we're profiling a *lot*
<ChrisHJW> DirectX 9 is 12 MB
<BBB> we're media world pros ;)
<ChrisHJW> :)
<BBB> we know how stuff works :)
<ChrisHJW> no doubt
<BBB> (well, I don't know why MPEG pauses for 15 seconds when streaming 
it, but for the rest...)
<BBB> (only on WMP...)
<ChrisHJW> 1 - 2 MB, to distribute with a video editor, sounds 
reasonable, especially if you count the number of wroking plugins
<BBB> the video editor would need a UI
<ChrisHJW> thats not the problem
<BBB> so in total, it'd be like 10-20 MB, UI + backend + everything

10 - 20 MB ..... thats a lot now, but i'd like to see the size of Adobe 
Premiere 8 once its out ? are 100 MB still enough ? And dont forget, the 
basic gstreamer win32 platform can be distributed separately, and the 
video editor or player become much smaller then ?

What you think ?


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