[Matroska-devel] MPEG2 support for MatroskaSplitter

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Jan 14 04:16:21 CET 2004

Christophe PARIS wrote:

> Ok, I found what was wrong and it was my fault. :-[
> Now it connect well with most MPEG2 decoders, I've tested with success 
> the ones from Gabest, Nero and PowerDVD.
> It seems just reference or timestamps are not perfect yet :-)
> Regards,
> Toff


this is just great and i am speachless. All i can say is thank you, 
thank you, thank you, and once again thank you. Now hopefully spyder 
will find the small remaining bug with the timestamp and reference 
handling in his muxer, and we can make an alpha release.

Just think of this : if we get a basic menue system working, based on 
robux4's specs, and make a simple app to convert DVD menues into 
matroska menues we can easily transmux a *complete DVD* into a single 
matroska file, while maintaining the complete functionality of the DVD 
!! All the audio formats possible in a DVD, i.e. AC3, MP2 and DTS, are 
well supported since some time now in MKV, and tested solutions. With 
MPEG2 video and a menue system, we can convert the complete DVD into a 
single MKV file.

Now, to even top this, think of the following :

Currently the users have to take big hassle to make a DVD-9 ( up to 9.4 
GB ) smaller, so it fits onto a DVD-5 R/RW ( 4.7 GB ). They have the 
choice between :

- re-encoding the MPEG2 video to a smaller bitrate, thus loosing quality 
and having to spend hours for the process ( like with MPEG4 compression )
- undertake a complicated authoring process to create two DVD-5  from 
one DVD-9, and this means they have to change discs in the middle of the 
movie even

Now, with matroska and the automatic file segmenting, we could easily 
split a 8 GB MKV file into two smaller segments, so that a 9 GB DVD can 
be converted into two, linked MKV files, and without any time consuming 
re-encoding or authoring process. A player supporting file linking could 
even play the 2 parts automatically, the users wouldn't even notice the 
2nd part playing now.

In theory, an easy to use tool could be made to automate the process ( 
shouldnt take longer than 20 -30 minutes, depending on HDD speed ), means

- extracting all audio and video streams from the DVD, and mux them into 
a single MKV file
- converting the DVD menue into a suitable MKV menue
- splitting the resulting file into 4,7 GB segments, using file linking

What a great future !!! I love you all guys :-) ....


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