[Matroska-devel] Matroska in RealPlayer

Jory jcsston at toughguy.net
Tue Jan 13 09:24:14 CET 2004

I've started a mkv writer plugin. The Helix plugin system looks very
COM/DShow based, IBaseFilter, IUnknown, graph managers, etc.

I'm basing it on the ogg writer, since it is much simpler than the extremely
complex realmedia writer. The CodecID or stream type is created using a
mime-type. For the codecprivate the plugin is supplied with a buffer
"OpaqueData" that has a layout that looks the same as the headers in .rm
files, so extracting those shouldn't be any problem.
The sample interfaces have Set/GetTime methods so I think our timesamps will
be already taken care of.

Sleep time for me,

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BTW, I've had confirmation from Karl that Real Producer is mostly
written in C++ except for the codecs. So we should not have much
problems integrating our classes with their code :)

(I haven't checked out the CVS yet)

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